Cappadocia Horse Riding

Cappadocia Horse Riding Activity – In the heart of Anatolia, Cappadocia is an extraordinary region where nature and man have united to shape the most amazing landscapes. Over the centuries, in a high plateau of soft volcanic rock, erosion formed a multitude of valleys, rocky outcrops. This makes region unique for horseback safari lovers and Cappadocia horse riding activities become more popular day by day.

The first generation of Christians found refuge in the area and carved homes, churches and underground cities in Cappadocias tender rock. Many Byzantine churches were decorated with frescoes from the life of Christ.

Cappadocia has many attractions to see on horseback safari and you will feel the freedom to explore the unique beauties during Cappadocia horse riding activities. Please come and join us on HTR Cappadocia horse riding tours.

  • Horseback Safari in The Valleys (1 hour ride, anytime in the day) = 50 €/PP
  • Sunset Over Cappadocia on Horseback (2 hours ride, late afternoon) =  65 €/PP
  • Cappadocia On Horseback (Full day ride) = 115€/PP



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