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Daily Tour 10 day
Greece Euro

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Influential in ancient times, it's often called the cradle of Western civilization. Athens, its capital, retains landmarks including the 5th-century B.C. Acropolis citadel with the Parthenon temple. Greece is also known for its beaches, from the black sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos.

* Excursiones especiales lunas de miel
  • -Escapada romantica en playa desierta,
  • -Cena romantica a bordo un yate,
  • -Cena romantica en la playa.
  • Preguntenos si les interesa para cotizar

Suplementos para tramos inter-islas approx por persona
  • Ferry: Atenas a Santorini: 49 euros,
  • Milos a Atenas: 44 euros
  • Highspeed: Atenas a Santorini: 76 euros,
  • Santorini a Milos: 59 euros,
  • Milos a Atenas: 64 euros
  • Avion: Atenas a Santorini: 129 euros (220 ida & vuelta),
  • Milos a Atenas: 85 euros (*)
  • * No hay vuelos directos entre Milos y Santorini

  • 3 noches en Atenas en alojamiento y desayuno
  • Visita de medio dia de Atenas & Museo Nuevo en regular
  • 3 noches en Santorini en alojamiento y desayuno
  • 3 noches en Milos en alojamiento y desayuno
  • Traslados en Atenas, Santorini & Milos (solo el de llegada en Atenas con asistencia)

  • Tickets de Barco o Hydrofoil
  • Importante: Según la fecha de reserva, es posible que según la frecuencia de los barcos se necesite una noche extra en alguna de las islas.

Day 1:

Athens. Arrival to Athens international airport, assisted transfer to hotel.

Day 2:

Athens City Tour & New Acropolis Museum. Departure from the hotel in the morning after breakfast for the guided city tour of Athens . this tour gives you the opportunity to observe the striking contrasts between the capital of classic Greece and the cosmopolitan city. on the acropolis you can admire the temple of athena nike, as well as the propylaea. the beautiful geometry of the parthenon will come into view, as will the erechtheion, with its renovated portico of the caryatides, the pandroseion. you will visit the hill of filopapos, the paths of plaka, hadrian’s arch, the parliament with the memorial to the unknown soldier, the new acropolis museum and the modern city of Athens , the city chosen by the gods. afternoon free and accomodation.

Day 3:

Athens-Santorini. Transfer to the port of Piraeus for embarkation on ferry to the island of Santorini. upon arrival, transfer to the hotel followed by free time to explore and overnight stay at hotel.

Day 4 & 5:

Santorini. free time to enjoy as much of the breathtaking scenery of the island as you can. accomodation.

Day 6:

Santorini–Milos. Departure from Santoriniat arranged time to the island of Milos. upon arrival transfer to the hotel.

Day 7 & 8:

Milos. Free time to explore this unique island at your own leisure.
The island known for housing the famous Venus of Milos statue. you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of this island, due to its volcanic rock composition from which it is formed. a composition which creates a unique look in comparison to the rest of the Aegean, and which you can experience first hand as you travel from one beach to the next on the small taxi boats. Milos is shaped in the form of a u, thus giving it some of the clearest water and whitest sand in the Aegean.

Day 9:

Milos–Athens. departure from the hotel at indicated time with destination Athens. upon arrival, transfer to the hotel and overnight stay.

Day 10:

Athens. Departure from the hotel at arranged time to Athens international airport.

Validity of package

May – October

BRONZE (Stanley, Kamari Beach, Santa Maria or similar) 1375 780 670 1580 895 755 1745 990 840
BRONZE PLUS (Titania/Aegean Plaza/ Artemis or similar) 1600 910 785 1900 1095 925 2255 1275 1035
SILVER (Raddison Park/El Greco/Melian Boutqiue or similar) 2505 1410 1140 2850 1585 1255 2995 1685 1335